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Vicenç Torra(a),(*), Josep Domingo-Ferrer(b)

Transactions on Data Privacy 1:1 (2008) 1-1

Abstract, PDF

(a) IIIA-CSIC; Campus UAB s/n; 08193 Bellaterra (Catalonia, Spain)

(b) Rovira i Virgili University; UNESCO Chair in Data Privacy; Dept. of Computer Engineering and Maths; Av. Països Catalans 26; E-43007 Tarragona, Catalonia


Welcome to the first issue of the Transactions on Data Privacy !

The aim of this peer reviewed journal is to provide an international forum for researchers on all topics related to data privacy technologies. TDP has been created with the ambition of becoming soon a privacy journal indexed in all major scientific databases.

A volume of The Transactions on Data Privacy will be published every year. Each volume consists on three issues.

The journal will publish original and high quality papers. TDP welcomes archival research papers, comprehensive reviews, authoritative tutorials, short notes and comprehensive book reviews. All papers will be peer-reviewed.

The journal will accept submissions from multiple disciplines related to the various aspects of data privacy (e.g. statistics, cryptography, database technology, data communication, etc.). Regarding the application papers, contributions to solving privacy problems in the main application areas (e.g. official statistics, electronic commerce and Internet, healthcare, telecommunications, etc.) are welcome. Papers can be theoretical or applied.

TDP starts its publication under the sponsorship of the IIIA-CSIC (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the Spanish Higher Research Council), the UNESCO Chair in Data Privacy and the Catalan Association of Artificial Intelligence (an ECCAI member).

This first issue includes three papers. The inaugural paper by Lane, Heus, and Mulcahy is a position paper on data access and data privacy. The second paper by Muralidhar and Sarathy is about a perturbative method to protect numerical microdata. The third paper by Smith and Elliot is about the protection of tabular data (aggregated data).

In the next issues of this year, papers on synthetic data generation, $k$-anonymity, and software for data protection are scheduled.

* Corresponding author.

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